Harrow Technical - Repair Prices

Pentax camera repair prices for popular models, all prices include a full service.

If you wish to pay by direct bank transfer, please advise when payment has been made.

ME Super £86.00
MEF £106.00 *
P30, P30N, P30T £76.00
P50 £76.00 *
A3 £76.00 *
Program A £76.00
Super A £86.00
MZ-M £76.00
K1000 £86.00
KM (Film model) £86.00
KX (Film model) £96.00
K2 (Film model) £106.00 *
ME, MG £76.00
MV, MV1 £66.00
Spotmatic, Spotmatic II, SP1000, SP500 £86.00
SL £76.00
Spotmatic F £96.00
MX £96.00
MX Original model with extended light seals strips attached to top and bottom of back door. £106.00
LX £156.00
6X7 Estimate only ** (4 week turnaround)
Auto focus SLR £66.00-£86.00 *
Zoom compacts (Film Models) £50.00-£70.00
Asahiflex M37x1 range Estimate only
All other M42x1 cameras up to SV, S1a Estimate only

We specialise in lens repairs including fungus removal and as well as repairing Pentax lenses, we can also repair most other non Pentax lenses including all Sigma lenses in any fitting.

Most 35mm manual focus prime lenses up to 50mm £47.00 excluding impact and fungus damage
Most 35mm manual focus Standard 50mm or 55mm lenses £25.00-£35.00 excluding impact, fungus, 50mmF1.4 and 50mmF1.2.
Most 35mm manual focus prime lenses over 50mm £57.00 excluding impact and fungus damage
Zoom lenses, 645, 6X7 lenses and Auto Focus lenses Estimate only

We are unable to provide estimates to remove fungus damage by email. It is essential that we carry out a visual examination in order to prepare an accurate assessment of the work required.


* Pentax camera repair subject to parts availability

** We no longer repair original non mirror up version with rubber roller adjacent to take up spool.

Sorry, we do not now repair ES, ESII, 110, 645, 67II, Spotmeters, Flashguns, Binoculars, Digital models.

Please note that after a period of 3 months has elapsed, all equipment either repaired and where payment has not been received or where no response has been received to an estimate will be sold in order to recover our costs.

Our Pentax camera repair technicians have undergone factory training on all Pentax classic cameras and use modern test, diagnostic and calibration equipment approved by Pentax.

All repairs are carried out under the close supervision of the ex-Pentax UK Technical Service Manager and our objective is to provide the best possible repair service to owners of Pentax film equipment at affordable prices.

Our Pentax camera repair turnaround time is normally 10-14 working days and we can undertake almost any type of repair regardless of damage sustained. It takes time to carry out an overhaul properly and after relubrication, we allow the lubricant time to fully penetrate the shutter mechanism and then recheck the shutter speeds after two or three days. For this reason, we are not able offer a same day service.

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