Harrow Technical - Testimonials

Just a quick email to let you know that my LX arrived safely this morning as previously advised.

I am delighted with the repair and service that you have provided, the camera even smells new!

My thanks to you again.

Stand by for an MX at some point soon!

As ever, best regards,


I refer to repairs you carried out on my Spotmatic F No 4728164 and wanted to thank you for the work. The camera works very well and the exposure meter is very good now. I had almost given up on it working as it used to; having been to Pentax who failed in many ways and another repairer who could do nothing for getting the meter working.

I have received the pentax mx. It is beautiful!! I am very very happy by your

work! It is like new!!

Thank you very much from France

The Spotmatic F was received safely yesterday, and it looks just wonderful

(I think the Spotmatic F really is my favourite ever camera)

Many thanks for all your help –

Thank you


The camera are here and I am most pleased, you have done a fantastic work!

The new cover looks brand new and the handling of the camera feels perfect, what a change!

Thank you very much!!

Best regards from Sweden


Dear Mr. Gowing,

thank you very much for “rejuvenating” my black SPF. You really did a wonderful job.


Dr. Herschlein, Stuttgart, Germany

Mr Gowing

Received my camera today

Its a very good work and not expensive. thanks very mutch.

I give your address to many friends and I recommend warmly.


Jean-Charles Hassen from France

Re Pentax repair

Thanks for the first-class job you’ve done on my lens. I’m really happy to have it back in such fine shape.

Kind regards,


Enquiry: Just to say, Thanks for the Great job you done on the Pentax KX!

All The Best!

The cameras came back this morning.

Fantastic job, many many thanks.


Hi Robin,

I picked the camera up today, I’m so happy to have it working again. It was my Dad’s camera and the first SLR I ever used, so it has quite a bit of sentimental value. Thank you so much!


Just to let you know that I received the camera safely today and that

all is well. I’ve not had much time to play with it but from initial

inspection, it’s looking and feeling better than ever and I can’t wait

to run some film through this. Thank you so much for your professional


Kind regards,


Lens received, looks good, thanks for the fast delivery.

regards Keith

I received my Spotmatic in the post this morning and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for such a prompt and superb service with regard to my camera. I shall be putting my first film through the processors tomorrow to see that everything is OK but I am confident that it will be. So once again, many thanks for a job very well done.

Phil Edwards

All arrived back safely, very nice to have again in tip-tip form. Thank

you very much.


Mark Crean

This morning (Thur15th Dec) I rang you up on the off chance you could

help me fix the issue I appeared to be having with my Spotmatic f and

the 1.8 SMC lens.

Considering this was an ‘off the cuff’ phone call from a novice you we

patient, friendly and freely gave your knowledgeable advice regarding

it being stuck in manual.

Well thanks to you I understand my new £10 camera a little better and

have now ‘fixed’ the issue I was having. Just brilliant! What a great

way to embark on a journey into film from a GF1 and D90 digital arena.

Thank you so much.

When I need repairs it’s going to you and I will be recommending you

whenever I can.

Very gratefull and delighted that people like yourselves are still out


Thanks again,

Paul Daw

Just received my LX today and I have to congratulate you on the excellent job you’ve done. I didn’t know the focus was so off. My 28/2.8 focuses perfectly at infinity now and the verticals are lined up in the center (they looked broken before). Even the shutter has a different noise and the exposure compensation dial is more firm. Overall feels like a new camera.

Thanos Siozos

I have had a whole series of Pentax cameras serviced by Harrow Technical, as well as one or two lenses, and I have always been completely satisfied. Robin Gowing knows his Pentax cameras and provides plenty of advice on what needs to be done and what can be done. For such specialist work, the prices are very reasonable indeed. Highly recommended. Robin

Sincerely Robin White

Thank you very much

Hello i received the pentax mx and I wanted to thank you for your work high-quality and your seriousness

Thank you Mr caruana from france

 Hi Robin,

 Just received my MX back and I couldn’t be happier, she looks and feels like new! Absolutely perfect.

I shall be recommending your services whenever I can.

Thank you very much indeed,


Camera received safe and sound on Friday last, arriving ~20mins before your anticipated deadline!It was pressed into service immediately and everything seems

to be responding as it should – the action of the mirror in

particular sounding much more solid and less ‘rattley’ than

I remember it.I am therefore much indebted to you for the repairs carried

out and for the restoration of this camera to (I hope) many

more years of useful life.Your kind and efficient service in this matter is much

appreciated.Best Regards,Martin Johnson

Hello Robin
Both cameras received this morning and I am delighted at their condition following
your attention to them – they seem like new and no doubt will now give further
good service for many years to come.
Noel Machell

Hello Robin,

Thanks for servicing the camera. It looks and sounds  much better.

Regards Dave

I have used your service before to completely overhaul my Spotmatic which is still working fine after your SUPERB overhaul, I’d recommend you to anyone for your outstanding service because you have given my ‘Old Spotty’ a new lease of life…once again, MANY THANKS !!!

Thanks Phil

Dear Robin

Camera received safe and sound Thursday morning.

The action of the shutter is quite clearly much better than it was, sounding much more solid and less rattley. As indicated in my previous correspondence, it is now on its way to the United Stateswhere it will used in a year long college photography course so the beneficial and in this case educational results of your experience and expertise will now be appreciated across the Atlantic!

I am therefore much indebted to you for the repairs carried out and for the restoration of this camera to its former as new condition. Thanks again for your kind and efficient service in this matter.

Best regards

Martin Johnson

Camera just received.  1st class. Thanks very much.

Mike Pierce

For confirmation I would like to tell you my Pentax LX camera arrived safely and speedliy.

I am most satisfied with the service and repair you’ve done on my camera which is now confidence inspiring again.

whenever I have another Pentax thing to be repaired or serviced I will remember you.

Kind regards Alfred Macdaniel from Belgium.

Hi Robin,

Received camera Friday, thanks for your help, fantastic service every promise kept.

Good luck,

Raymond Pinn.

Your testimonials and contact I have had with people who told me they have dealt with you before bears out what a good service you offer. I think the Pentax fraternity are lucky to have your expertise available to them. Thank you for putting my doubtful purchase back into such good working order.

Kind regards



Just to let you know the lens arrived yesterday.

Thank you for a pleasant transaction.

Best regards,

Bostjan Brumen Slovenia


I just wanted to express my thanks for the excellent job that you carried out on my Pentax LX.

I will be sending my other LX body up for a service in the next week or so.

Best regards, Eddie Bray.

Dear Robin,

Just a quick note of thanks for the Spotmatic and MZ-S you worked on. They’re perfect! Top notch workmanship.

Thanks again,


Hi Robin

Just a quick thank you. I used the Pentax ME Super (collected on Friday) at the weekend and really enjoyed it.

The cameras is looking and working so well now. A real pleasure to use.


LX received.

Thanks for the great service work as well as for the small sync cap…

Best regards



Thanks for sending my MX back today; we were able to be here to sign for the parcel.

It was thoughtful of you to send back the offending body cap to show me the piece of plastic that had broken off and jammed the camera – and to fit a new, superior, replacement. I am now looking forward to running a film through the camera again.

I now know who to go to if my LX or 67 needs attention…………



Can I offer my grateful thanks for the excellent service to my 2nd LX which I received this morning. It feels like a new camera.

Best regards

E Bray

Thanks for fixing the LX I sent in the other week.

It feels much better than before, like a different camers.

I had my first film from it processed at the weekend at it was fine so

thanks. John McD

A little while ago you serviced an LX and an ME super for me.I would like to compliment you on the outstanding quality of the work, if you wish to use me as a testimonial please do. Den.

Hi Robin.. I received my Pentax bodies today. Lovely job. I will be sending more bodies for servicing in the next month or so. All the best Paul.

dear sir, my spot f came back this morning, very pleased with the repair, excellent work, many thanks Mike.


I just arrived from a vacation and there was a very pleasant surprise waiting on my desk. My LX camera with other accessories arrived last friday and it’s in perfect shape. Once again thank you for the complete overhaul and professional attitude. I will recommend your services to all of my photo-enthusiast friends. I wish you many satisfied customers!

Best Regards from Lukas Munster, Czech Republic

Hi Robin

Picked up the parcel from local post office today. The camera looks great and I can’t wait to put some film in. Thanks for your super service and long may it continue; an invaluable resource that we analogue camera lovers really appreciate.


Steve Louth

Thank you for the camera etc.that you serviced for me recently.It is in great condition now,and the lens fits on the body smoothly as you said it would.

Yours Sincerely,

Gary Baillie

Pleased to advise my LX arrived back with me today. Seems to work perfectly and cosmetically looks very clean and tidy now that you have reinstated the body leather

I am so pleased it is back in commission, I have owned this camera from new since approximately 1986- the year my first daughter was born and all our photo memories were taken with this camera. I purchased it from the main dealers in Riyadh for a fraction of the UK price that at the time was about 600 pounds sterling I seem to remember. I also purchased a bunch of M series lenses including the shift lens all of which still appear to be just as good as ever.

Received safely and looks, and sounds, great

Thanks Dick

Hi Robin,

Received the K1000 today as discussed. Many thanks for returning it to fully operational condition. It was in a poor state, but it has had a fairly interesting life, having been used on 2 separate expeditions of several months to the jungles of Central America as well as excursions to numerous other wild and far flung places. Nice to be able to give it another lease of life!

Thank Again


Camera arrived yesterday safe and sound.

It looks great and I can’t wait to shoot the first roll on it over new year.

Thank you, and have a good christmas.



I have the camera now and have put a film in it. It seems to function now just like when I bought it way back when – either 1979 or 1980.

Perhaps it’ll keep working for another 30 years! Great work.


Received safely this morning, thank you for excellent service, it looks like new.



Have received camera and thank you once again for a first rate job done and a very speedy turnaround.



Thank you,

The parcel came in time, well wrapped and undamaged.

I was very pleased with the results, both camera bodies felt smoother to operate, and a little quieter, but more to the point I now have absolute confidence that I can use them without causing internal damage! The lens you serviced is in top condition, much clearer than the dustbowl it was.

I was surprised when you said the Pentax K2 aperture setting ring was moving freely, and I struggled with it again, unable to do it…then tried again in different ways until I realised I had been trying do it wrong all along! A humbling experience!

Thanks again. I also have a Pentax LX that seems fine, but I am looking at it wondering, as it is one of the earlier models…..It may be en route to you soon!


Camera arrived today and looks brand new inside again so just want to say thank you for such a fantastic service really appreciate it and can’t wait to get out and start using it again!

Best Regards


My apologies for not contacting you sooner, but now belatedly to let to know of the safe return of my repaired camera.

As promised, it arrived prior to Easter when I was hoping to use it, but in the event was not able to do so.

However, I have now had the opportunity to use it once again and run a couple of films through, and all is working perfectly once more. The problem with the mirror sticking-up and erratic shutter operation all now cleared and working perfectly smoothly again. It all sounds and feels more solid – just like new, as 30+ years ago.

Thank you for your prompt attention in clearing the faults, general maintenance and lubrication of my trusted and favourite camera, it is very much appreciated.

Thanks again for such a professional and speedy repair and I will have no hesitation in recommending you in the future for such great service.

So here’s to another 30 years of reliable use.

Many thanks,


Camera arrived.
Thanks for good job.

Best regard
Jacek Douillet from Poland

Hello Robin ,
Received cameras you repaired yesterday.I am very pleased with your excellent service and it was very kind of you to include the really good quality strap .I will highly recommend you to my friends and look forward using your service again in the future.
Kind regards
Paul Rigg

My Pentax 67 arrived today and meter works again

Not yet tested with film but I thank you already!

Best regards,

Marc Stockx from Belgium

Parcel arrived today without problems. They look surprisingly new and
nice… and prism finder very clean too. Seem to function 100%. Thanks a lot!

Robert from Sweden

Hi received my camera today and I am delighted with your repair. Many thanks.

Arthur Grey

Hello Robin,

A brief note to acknowledge safe receipt of my camera. It looks and feels almost new and I am delighted with the job you have done. I am looking forward to getting out and using it. Many thanks for your expert advice and assistance.

Kind regards Tim Dunne

Lx arrived home today. Thank you very much, great job.
Branislav Golkovsky Slovakia

Hello Robin,

The LX is working beautifully – thanks for your great work with shutter.

Thanks again Beau

Good morning Mr Gowing.

I am pleased to confirm receipt of the ME Super camera, following the attention it has had from yourselves.
All appears as expected with focussing now fully operative, screen renewed and fresh seals in place.
I look forward to using it in the near future in conjunction with my Nikon and Fuji digital models and have no doubt the results will stand comparison with them.

Thanking you for your prompt and efficient service,

Michael Y Howell

Thanks Robin

The KM arrived in the post yesterday and it looks absolutely excellent.


Many thanks for the servicing for the above and being able to remove the fungus from the 100-300 lens. All received safe and sound on Saturday. I now look forward putting them to good use.


Harry Webb

Hi Robin!

Arrived safely yesterday. Good to have camera intact again!

Thanks as ever for helpfulness and prompt service.

Best wishes


Hi Robin,

I just wanted to let you know that my MX arrived home safe and sound. The camera is working perfectly now and is a joy to use. Also a big thank you for getting the 24mm lens freed up.

This is now my favourite lens and is on the camera almost all the time.

Received MES today, very pleased with it. Many thanks!

R Hale.

Just received the camera, thank you very much! Looks and functions as good as new, viewfinder is clean and the smell is gone. Many thanks again

Tom Box

Hello Robin,
My camera arrived on time and looks and feels superb. Hoping to put a film through it this week!

Many thanks for the TLC you have given it. I think I now understand why the previous owner abandoned it……..

Am calibrating against exposure meter and my Pentax ME.

Thanks again. Best regards, James.

Hi Robin,

Just a quick email to say thank you for an excellent repair and service.

The camera arrived safe and sound and I am looking forward to using it again. It will be interesting to compare results to the Canon when using the Tamron 200-500mm lens.


My pentax lx feels and handles like new again. I am very pleased with the great service, and i would not hessitate sending in another camera in the future!

Best Regards,

Hi, Robin

Just to say that the camera arrived safely today. Many thanks. Really pleased with how it’s turned out with servicing. Smooth and precise, just how it should be.


Hi Robin
Just to say that the LX has arrived safely. Many thanks. Really pleased. It’s in great shape. And it’s a big bonus not having to worry about a service and all the potential issues with sticky mirrors etc.

Thanks again. I’m very happy to have got a great deal.


Dear Robin,

This is just a quick note to say thanks for the service on my Pentax, lens and meter. I’ve been working away and haven’t had a chance to put a film through until now. All is perfect thank you, excellent service.

Thanks again,


Thank you very much for the excellent service

Thanks Robin,

Got the SPF camera back today in the post. Looks great, thank you.


Just a quick thanks for quick turn round , just got me first film back very pleased .Camera should be good for another 30 plus years.

Stuart Clarke

Hi Robin

I picked up the MX from the post office yesterday and it seems perfect. Tested the light meter and voltage again this evening and everything is fine! Thanks for your perseverance with this elusive fault – it seems you’ve nailed it. Looking forward to shooting with the camera this weekend.

Would have no hesitation using your services again or recommending them to others. Thanks.

Kind regards

Dear Robin

Just received my camera. I am very impressed with the quality of work done. Apart from the sentimental value it means I have another useable camera.
From Mavis

Thanks Robin,
The camera arrived safely at 12.45! Not bad by Post Office standards.
I am very pleased with the work, one look through the viewfinder and it feels like new, the film back is much tidier than before.
Once the wallet has recovered I will prepare the next one for your attention (I have 5 including the black kx, they all get used)
Cheers, Ewen.

Jusr received my family heirloom back from yourself – my deceased father in law’s Pentax S1a- beautifully repaired, restored and cleaned – thank you ever so much- it will be used alongside my digital stuff
Rhys Williams

Sent from my iPad

Hi Robin

received safely yesterday. Shutter feels and sounds great. Thank-you!

Best regards


Hi Robin,
I apologise for taking so long to reply.
The parcel arrived safely and the contents were perfectly preserved in your purpose perfect packaging.
Thank you very much for your work.
The screens are bright and the light meters appear to work as required.
I have obtained new batteries and am looking forward to taking some shots soon.
best regards
fred g

Hello Robin,

I received my Nikon F2SB Camera in the lunchtime post today. Thank you for a very professional
service as always. I’m very pleased with the work carried out and will always recommend you
to other film camera users.

Kind Regards,
Kevin Booth.

Re invoice # 16831.

Thank you for the prompt return of my Pentax KX, it looks and feels like a brand new camera, the focus screen is now so clear it looks as new.

I will send my other KX and my Spotty to you soon.

Thank you again for a fantastic service

Kind Regards


Hi Robin,
The Spotmatic F arrived safe and well this morning. All the mechanism feels smooth and slick and as for the battery modification, awesome! as our American cousins say.
Will get back to you in the New Year with the latest candidate for restoration, Many Thanks, Ewen.

Hi Robin,

Just to let you know that I received my MX back safely in the post today. I’m absolutely thrilled with the camera, with the quality of your work, & with the beautiful condition you returned the camera to me in (including the little details like replacing the missing cap over the self timer lever screw which I really appreciated), & I wanted to thank you for making the whole process enjoyable, stress-free & rewarding, from our initial phone conversation, to the kindness you showed in delaying postage to fit with my return from visiting family at Christmas.

I have wanted to own an MX for many years & it’s a great feeling to now be able to look forward to many enjoyable decades of photography ahead, knowing that my camera has been expertly overhauled & is mechanically as perfect as the day it left the factory.

My appreciation & thanks, & I wish you & all at Harrow Technical an enjoyable & successful 2017.

Kindest regards,



I just wanted to let you know that I received the camera last week and just today I got back
the scans from a test roll. Everything seems to be working properly.

Overall, saying that I am pleased, would be an understatement. The camera feels simply amazing to operate!

Top marks for communication with me, transparency in every step of the way, time to make the repairs, returning the camera back so unbelievably clean(!!!) and of course
for delivering such excellent, excellent, results!

I hope that all my woes are over with the MX and that I can finally enjoy the camera.
Looking forward doing business with you again!

Best regards.

Hello Robin,

picked up my MX yesterday at the post office. Have to say, very happy with the work you provided, I almost didn’t recognize my camera! Everything seems to be working like factory new and now I loaded it with film to try it out.
Thanks again, I can recommend your work.

Kind regards,

Hi Robin,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my camera this week. Everything seems to work fine. You did a great job ! Thank you very muche ! Best regards.
Arnaud Garcia.

Envoyé depuis mon smartphone Sony Xperia™

Many Thanks,
Cameras received as promised, and all in good order.  2x Me Supers & a KM look great and look as good as new.
Excellent Professional service and a pleasure to deal with.

Robert Holler

Hi Robin,

MX received and shooting much more smoothly now. Many thanks for a great job. Flash now working sweetly too.

This one I bought from Dixons in 1979 and it has survived military service, hill walking, skiing and general travel to five continents.

After your good work, I expect it will outlast me.

Best regards,

Chris Fox

PS My wife recently bought a Super-A, that will be coming your way soon for some TLC.

Hi Robin,

Just a quick mail to let you know the ME Super arrived! I’m delighted – almost feels like a new camera!

Will get my K1000 to you soon!


and best regards –



Received the camera today and am very happy with the work you have done on it. I shall be recommending your work to my fellow photographers and shall be sending stuff to you in the future.

Kind Regards,

Hayden O’Bryan

Hi Robin.
I received the cameras today.
Wow, they are perfect.

Best Regards

Hi Robin,

The K1000 arrived and it’s beautiful! I couldn’t have wished for more! I’m very happy I decided to buy the camera from you!

Thanks a lot again,


Good morning.

The camera looks fantastic. I am really happy with the service.

I have a few Spotmatics, more M-Series, a K1000 and a KX. I think I will be in touch next year to service some of them. A few also require some kind of reparation.

Have a nice Christmas time.



Hi Robin,

Thank you so much! Camera received, it’s beautiful and thank you for replacing parts that were lost or ineffective ☺️

You’ve done a fab job!

Best wishes

Hi Robin! I’ve just received the Sv today. I’m glad I sent the Pentax to you as it looks and feels like a new camera. I want to thank you for your excellent job and also for including the front cover for free and the discount in the final price. In the future, I’ll have no doubt to recommend Harrow Technical for a great service
Kind regards.

Thank you very much for your excellent work to my K1000 and KX and good advice. Please let me know where I can leave a review if you need one!

Kind regards

Hi Robin,

I got the camera back and so far it works liks a charm! I love it.

Thanks a lot

I can confirm that I have received the LX,

and I would like to thank you for the superb work done on it: it’s almost as if it was brand new!  Worth every single penny.
Should any of my other Pentax SLRs present any issues I know where to send them.
Kind regards,
Today I received my LX.
Works  beautiful.
Thank you!
Now, it’s time to make some pictures 🙂

Zbigniew Czaja

Hi Robin,
Picked up the camera today, many thanks for all your hard work, it looks great.
Kind regards,

Dear Mr. Gowing,

the KX arrived on tuesday and is in a very good shape now, it looks and feels a bit like new now and the 28mm just works wonderfully.

Though I still need to put a film in it and see how it works, I am looking forward to using it again.

Thank you very much for the work, experience and patience you have put in my equipment.

Kind regards

Marcus Herbst